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Our Mission

Heart Nectar Gathering was founded for the love of the magic of intimate festivals and the incredible community connections that are formed. All we need is Love. Heart Nectar is home to the tribe of people that are here to make change through our own inner transformation. The love for transformation, awakening and liberation for a New Earth through cultivating frequencies of love and healing through sound, movement and sacred connection to ourselves and each other. Music is medicine. We are the nectar. We each have a unique flavor of honey- our soul essence. The blossoming of this gift is like what it feels like when a butterfly lands on your shoulder softly echoing the beauty of this sacred moment. Let's soak in the nectar of creative juice into our hearts and bodies, expand and fly!

We value

-Beautiful Mama Gaia and all she graciously provides

-Great Spirit, The Gods, Angels and Animal Guides

-Your Authentic Soul Expression and Sacred Heart Mission

-Sacred Union of the Feminine and Masculine 

-This community of artists, leaders, healers, change-makers and love radiators!

-We Love You Golden Earth Tribe! 

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